Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby Check

Today was another Level II ultrasound, which I have every 4 weeks to check that the babies are growing at the correct rate. Here are the details:

Baby A
  • Heart Rate = 144 bpm
  • Weight = 3.0 lbs
  • Percentile = 60th
  • Fluid = perfect
  • Placenta = also perfect
  • Position = Vertex (head down)

Baby B

  • Heart Rate = 138 bpm
  • Weight = 3 lbs 4 oz.
  • Percentile = I don't remember very well becuase it seemed too high to really believe, it was above 70, I know that
  • Fluid = perfect
  • Placenta = also perfect
  • Position = Transverse, still right across the top of my uterus

Cervix is well behaved, closed and long.

Z went with me to this appointment, he hasn't been to an ultrasound since January, so it was time he went. However, thanks to him and his silly questions we now know that the babies' heads are a bit larger than average. We did not get an actual size becuase the ultrasound tech did not want to make me "nervous." I may be in a good position to get out of a c-section, but at what price, I ask you, what price? You can bet that head size did NOT come from my side of the family. Thanks a bunch, Z.

He may not be joining me for my next appointment, which is scheduled for June 2nd.

Also, a nurse came to the house to go over signs and symptons of preterm labor. She covered the usual topics to look out for, which I have read about in all the books. I don't mind, the more I hear it the better, I learn by repetition. Incidentally, she is the same nurse who will be giving the birthing class I signed up for.

Tomorrow is an O/B appointment, which are now every two weeks.

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Michelle said...

Three pounds already! Way to go mommy! glad to know that everything is going great. It is about the head size isn't it? Every mother's biggest nightmare. Keep up the great work!