Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Full Weekend

We had a nice three-day weekend, my babysitter needed Friday off so I put in for a vacation day. It happened to fall in the same week as the Philly Auto Show and we all headed into the city. There are no pics, however. I just wasn't feeling up to it, and I didn't see any fun cars to sit the kids or myself in for a shot. It was still a nice distraction for us all.

On Saturday Alex wasn't himself so we decided to keep him home from swimming lessons. I went with Anna, and I'm so used to packing for two kids that I don't know how to pack any other way. There was the car seat, the diaper bag, my wallet, the beach bag for the towels and my stuff. What the hell? I felt like I was going for a sleepover, not 25 minutes in the pool!

After that I was on my own with the babies for most of Saturday. With Alex's fussiness/borderline obnoxiousness I was stretched thin by the time Z got home. The highlight of the day was Anna getting up on her hands and knees, ready to zoom off. It was so fun to watch, I held my breath because I didn't want to scare her if I yelled. She didn't actually go anywhere, but it'll be any day now. Go baby!

Then Sunday morning Anna had another first. She managed to get a Cheerio in her mouth and chewed on it for the first time! I've been putting Cheerios on the high chairs for a few weeks now, but mostly it's been a lot of pushing around the tray. Today Anna got one in a couple times. Go baby! (Again!)

Around lunch time I decided to try to take some nice pictures. My makeshift backdrop (the bedsheet) makes me a little sad when I look at them, but one day I'll have Photoshop or iPhoto (wink wink!) and get them edited a little better. Until then I'll have to be satisfied with what I get, but I'm thinking they came out pretty good for a point and shoot digital!

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