Thursday, February 26, 2009

Every Day Something New

Anna has gotten her first tooth. Finally. I haven't spotted it yet but I feel it. She is so squirmy that I can't get a good look. I'll have to wait a bit.

Right on the heels of the first tooth came the dreaded first colds. At eight months, I think we waited long enough. I picked up the babies last Friday from daycare and Alex had a runny nose. "oh boy, he's never had that before." That's what ran through my head. And sure enough, all night Friday he was up hourly, crying and complaining and snuffly. All day Saturday was tissue patrol, and blue sucky thing from the hospital, and loud angry protests from a very sensitive nose. Then Anna woke up with congestion on Sunday morning. Ugh. Fortunately Alex was perking up and slept well Sunday night, but Anna was up most of the night and Z and I took shifts staying up with her. More blue sucky thing, more tissue swiping. More snot than I've seen in a long time. Monday was recovery, Alex went to daycare and Mommy and Anna stayed home, making beef stew and napping. By now everyone seems back to normal. Their noses are still runny but they seem to have a lot more energy.

Last night Anna sat up for the first time. It was so unexpected, and really, I don't know when the milestones are supposed to happen, I really can't keep up. One minute she was rolling around on the floor, doing the army crawl here and there, and the next minute she was sitting up! It's possible that she should have been doing that long already, but the feeling I got when I saw her do it, it was as if she had... I don't know, brought home her first paycheck? I think the reason I was so surprised and proud was that she hadn't been showing any 'sitting-up' tendencies or making any attempts to do it that I or day care have seen.
Okay, that was way too many words spent talking about sitting up. Tonight Grammy comes to visit! She hasn't seen the babies since Christmas so I'm heading out to the outlets today for some spiffy baby gear. Anna needs new clothes anyway, I'm really pushing the limits of the six month outfits. The pants are turning into capris!

Anyway, I was playing around with the movie making software on my computer and made this video. It's rough, but I'm putting together ideas for a video to make for Alex and Anna's first birthday. I've never posted a video, I hope it works. If not, don't worry, you're not missing much.

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