Monday, November 3, 2008


I inherited/stole some of my mom's silverware. I can't remember if it was before I went back to college, before I got married, or after I moved back home to PA. Whenever the date (I'm leaning towards between getting married and moving to Seattle) I like the pattern. It's Paul Revere from Oneida, a very simple pattern that my mom happened to own around 50 settings of. Well, let's say she had some to spare. I remember an oversized mug that had a virtual boquet of teaspoons, with some beautiful iced tea spoons for dramatic effect poking out here and there.

So for some reason or other I was on the Oneida website looking at patterns while I was on maternity leave. Clearly I didn't have enough to do, with all that time to cruise the internet. Anyway, I looked up the Paul Revere pattern and found that this pattern also comes with an infant and children's set. At the time I made a mental note to look for it in the local Premium Outlets, which has an Oneida outlet store.

I finally made it out there and remember to look, and found the set! I'm very excited about them. Here is a picture. I cannot get it to rotate, so I know it looks odd.

So I'm happy to say that all my silverware matches. It will come in very handy, as the babies are doing pretty well eating their foods.

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