Monday, April 6, 2009

Elements of Nerdiness

I know I sound like a dork but I got a chance tonight to play with Photoshop Elements tonight and actually learned something that I'll really use! My biggest fear was spending money on a program that I wouldn't understand how to use, but the mini tutorials are really helpful. Here is one picture I played with of Alex.

And after:

It's still a little dark but I like the way I got it to look warmer. So there's more to learn but I'll have to take what I can get in one hour increments.

I took some other pics of Alex this weekend for fun.

So spiffy in his Huggies!

Here is Anna hanging out with cousin S. at Grammy's:

And as promised, a view into the new living room 'space' we've created for the babes:


The Hardels said...

Love the space for the kids!! I wish my kids would stay in one area!!

Anonymous said...

Cousin S was soooo excited when she saw herself on your blog!!! Thanks! Michelle