Monday, March 23, 2009

Lucky Eights

So it looks like I have good blog Karma (furiously knocking on wood). I was worried that blogging about progress would bring bad luck (Ok, there was alot of complaining, too). On night eight of sleep training Anna went into her crib awake, but a little drowsy. She fussed while I was holding her a bit, but when I left the room there wasn't any crying at all. It felt fantastic.

In other news, Alex has started crawling! And he is very good at it, much quicker than Anna. When she started, Anna wasn't much interested in leaving the loosely defined 'play area' we have set up in the living room. Not Alex, he's much more interested in where mommy went (the kitchen) or what's under the changing table (harmless nursing pillow) and what could possibly be up those steps (certain death).

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