Saturday, September 6, 2008

Even Longer Overdue Update

As my maternity leave gets closer and closer to ending I can't help but feel almost every emotion possible. Mostly, however, I am excited. That probably disappoints some people, especially if you don't know me personally. You might say I would feel differently if I had one baby to fuss over, take everywhere, and rock to sleep at night but you would be wrong.
Well, call me on my first day back at work and the story could go a little differently. I would consider it a success if I make it through the day without crying.
The past 3 months have been a complete blur. There have been times when I couldn't remember what I did the day before. Or even what day it was. It has been a blend of babies, diapers, bottles and spit up, and I can tell you honestly that the time has both flown by and crawled, a phenomenon I didn't know could exist.
Here's why we're all better off after I go back to work. Energy. After being away from Alex and Anna I will be energized. Now I know I'll be tired after being at work all day and getting up with babies at night, but that won't last forever and I won't have to worry about baby burn out. I love them with all I have, but I worry that I'm not appreciating the small miracles I witness every day and that makes me sad. I trust my day care provider and have confidence that she will take very good care of them.
An update on the babies:
So far they are sleeping for longer stretches at night. This just started recently and I am very relieved. The only problem is that they are not enjoying the crib as much as their bouncy seats. This is probably due to the fact that Alex is moving around and we found him one night so close to Anna that they were hitting each other with their flailing little fists, producing two very alert and unhappy babies. The second crib will be set up tomorrow.
Also, Alex has doubled his birth weight. He got up to 12 lbs. at the two month check up. Anna is up to 10 lbs.



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