Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to Suburban Yuppie Life!

Yes, we finally did it. After much debate and many tears (mine) Z and I decided we would have to BUY A MINI-VAN. It only made sense, having to pull two infant buckets out of a four door sedan and not being able to take anyone else in the car with us ever, plus needing room to put the double stroller/mini tank in comfortably really tipped the scales from a roomy Camry to a Mini Van pretty easily.

I made him do most of the research, he's the car guy, not me. Besides, he had very particular ideas about what he wanted. Those ideas were: White, 8 passenger, 2007 or newer, and finally, Toyota or Honda. You can see how that narrows down the search a bit? My ideas were not as relevant: Anything that doesn't look like a mini van. I was quickly vetoed.

So here she is, a beautiful 2008, white, 8 passenger, gosh-it-really-looks-like-a-mini-van Toyota Sienna. I have to admit, it rides beautifully and it is really fun to have a new car. This post is a little overdue, since we have owned it since Easter, but it has taken a little while to get the picture taken. What with the denial and all.

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